The Forgotten Heroes -A Look Back on Society

The play that I have watched from the Harlequin Theater Guild of La Salle encompassed the workers to whom everyone usually treats as “invincible” or “nothing” when in fact they are those we should thank for and recognize as “heroes”. The play focused on 4 particular workers namely the janitors, the technicians, the photocopiers and the security guards.

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First, the play focused on the security guard—a forgotten hero. The play showed how people treat him as the “ordinary” when in fact he should be treated as a “savior of the day” if we take into account deeply his contributions to the society.

In this, it showed that the society is stuck in the paradigm that low paid workers should be treated as the ordinary or as no one despite their hardships and great contributions in protecting people. We conform to that reality without even knowing the reason why. That’s the problem. We often limit ourselves with things that the society accepts just because.  We should be rather step out there to discover rather than just consent.

 For the janitress, the play showed that during the time of need (money), her boss would not want to give him. Fortunately, her transgender friends were able to lend her money so that she could go home for the graduation of her youngest sister. Despite being poor and given the chance to have money, when someone needed the money more than her, she selflessly gave the money to the one who needed it more.

I can connect this part of the play to existentialism (when human beings turn to themselves as the sole authority of their standards and valuations). Despite knowing that she belongs to status of being poor, she decided not to follow the common standard that poor people can’t help because they are the ones who need it. She conformed to herself that being poor won’t limit her from helping. She decided and most especially chose to help others despite having nothing.

The next was the photocopy girl who has a child that has leukemia. She tries to save money in order to save the life of her child and decided to make 1000 paper cranes in the belief that once someone has finished making 1000 paper cranes, one’s wish would come true. The photocopy girl’s only wish was to save her child. Although, unknowingly, her son decided to do the 1000 cranes belief as well as he wants her mother not to suffer anymore. Her son was able to finish first and unfortunately died. Sooner, her mom was able to find a guy that was able to make her happy.

Last was the technician who has PTSD. He was fixing the air conditioner when he heard three students talking about their thesis decision. They decided to steal one motor inside the laboratory for their thesis. In the end, the technician was the one blamed fo1r stealing a motor.

I enjoyed watching the play since it was able to reflect how crucial society treats our heroes—the forgotten ones. It gave me a bigger room to appreciate them more especially the fact that they put others first more than themselves. I hope that a lot of people had the chance to watch the play since it’s something that the society needs to realize now.

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