Fairytales to Reality

When I was a child, I have always believed in fairy tales—that unicorns exist, that everyone would soon live in a castle with her prince charming, live their happily ever after and the like. However, as a part of growing up, I know that I should not be bound with that kind of belief because if I did, I would not have grown. As years pass by, it is fairly important that everyone has to deal with this thing called maturity.  I believe that part of growing up means being open-minded with knowing; realizing and most importantly accepting that there is a big difference between fantasy and reality, between what is real and what is not.

Basing it from my example or better yet experience, I believe that maturity was applied when I have most likely accepted that some things are just left as a part of everyone’s imagination –that unicorns apparently don’t exist and that one’s happily ever after would not come that easy.  Although I have accepted reality, I think that my belief on unicorns, fairy tales and the like when I was a child have an  importance as well because they served as my roots to my development of how (mature) I think now.


Source: http://weknowmemes.com/2013/03/taylor-swift-vs-adele-same-age-but/

Same goes for my understanding with Leni Garcia’s article about philosophy. I like how the article started its roots from how the society believed that they are ruled by the gods and goddesses to the rise of the early thinkers who “risked” questioning the existence and origins of things to the creation of stories like The Allegory of the Cave (in which I would like to focus on because story basically sums up the whole point of the reading. This shows that the history of philosophy did not come easy—that it also has gone numerous processes that resulted to what we are studying now.

The Allegory of the cave basically sums up the main point of the article because as to my understanding of it, I believe that it is about going beyond the usual kind thinking of the majority in search of what is real. The majority I was referring to are those people who are bounded by what others say is true so they in return just go with the flow and think of it as true as well. That’s not the point why we are here. We shouldn’t be limited with what was said to us by others. The challenge for us is to stand out, search and discover things ourselves so that our way of thinking is not limited.

Speaking of being limitless, imagine how hard and wild it was before for the early thinkers to risk and go beyond the usual thinking of the majority. Maybe I should give it a shot as well.  I would like to give myself the chance to create my very own version of a mythical story. Hopefully, you readers would not think of me as crazy! Here it goes..

A little kid went inside his room and stumbled upon a set of puzzle. Its pieces however were not put in the right place. Out of curiosity of what the picture of the puzzle will show, he started fixing it. Alas! After quite some time, he finished fixing the puzzle and it resulted to a picture of multiple colors that seemed to have no meaning at all. Disappointed on how the picture resulted to that, the kid decided to leave. Strange to the eyes, just when he was about to leave, the puzzle suddenly beamed light. The kid suddenly noticed this mysterious change and out of curiosity once more, went near the puzzle. The puzzle suddenly swallowed the little kid and took him to a different world.

As he entered this world, he saw lots of things. He saw people, he saw nature, he saw animals– He saw everything that never existed in his world before.

As he stepped into this world, everything and everyone started to bow down to him. Confused on the things going on, a voice suddenly whispered to him and explained that he was the very first one to solve the puzzle and therefore he is granted the reward to rule their world as long as the next kind of puzzle would not be solve by anyone. The kid rightfully agreed and started ruling this world.

The kid, being new to this decided to have an agreement that he should be treated the same way as how everyone treats one another. He made it clear that he makes mistakes too just like any other person. With that being stated, he also said that everyone is there to help one another.

 The system worked very well and lasted for 17 years. The kid had to go back to the world where he originally lived because apparently, another person from another world solved the new puzzle.

The cycle will go on as long as there is a puzzle to be solved by a certain someone.


Source: http://www.singingthroughtherain.net/2012/04/the-reintegration-puzzle-putting-the-pieces-back-together.html

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